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"Croatian Tales" is by far one of the best collections of flash-animated interactive stories to date.
I personally feel that the collection of fairy tales enriches the lives of everyone while at the same time promotes a multicultural experience.
Helena Bulaja has done an amazing job of collecting a group of talented and unique animators to bring to life fairy tales from the Croatian literary work of Ivana Brlic Mazuranic.
I eagerly await Helena's next project.

Nicholas Da Silva,
Zoolook - principal / publisher
FlashTV! - founder / creative director
Flash Film Festival FlashForward2002, San Francisco - jury member

"Croatian Tales of Long Ago" signals a positive change in the art of animation: digital innovation, cultural
expression, and, best of all, international cooperation.

Steven Withrow, Author,
from the book: "Toon Art: The Graphic Art of Digital Cartooning", Watson-Guptill, 2003



  • FlashForward2002 San Francisco - WINNER in the "Story" category;
    "Neva was a finalist in category "Cartoon"
  • Net Festival 2002, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil - WINNER in the "Story" category
  • 15th Golden Award of Montreux 2003 - WON a Finalist Award Certificate for the CD-ROM
  • Lucca Comics&Games 2004, Lucca, Italy - "Il Miglior Opera Multimediale"
    (the best multimedia work of the year)
  • International Family Film Festival 2007, Hollywood, USA - the cartoon "Regoch"
    by Helena Bulaja won best foreign short animation award
  • New Media Festival 2002, Brudenell, Canada - "Neva" won Honourable Mention
  • Site of the Month (07/2003) at www.davibowie.com
  • Zagreb City Award 2003 - to project producers Helena and Zvonimir Bulaja
  • Festival of Croatian Film 2003 - honored with special award for promotion of ethic values on film
  • "Nobiliska" 2003, Čakovec, Croatia- a prize for the publishing project of the year


  • Festival international du film d'animation 2002, Annecy France -
    the cartoons "Quest" and "Stribor's Forest" were finalists in the Internet Film competition
  • SXSW Interactive 2003, Austin, Texas -
    finalist in the Animation / Cartoon category for the Web Award
  • Ottawa Int. Festival of Animated Film 2002 -
    cartoon "Quest" was a finalist in the Internet Film competition
  • Ars Electronica 2002, Linz, Austria -
    finalist of the Net Projects competition
  • FilmFest Hamburg 2002 / Flash Award -
    finalists in two categories: linear ("Jagor") and interactive ("Jaglenac&Rutvica")
  • Flash in the Can 2002, Toronto, Canada - the cartoon "Quest" was finalist in the "Cartoon" category
  • Flash in the Can 2003, Toronto, Canada - finalist in the "Story" category
  • Festival Videoformes 2003, Clermont-Ferrand, France - finalist of the New Media competition
  • Festival SICAF 2003 , Seoul, Korea -
    "Stribor's Forest" and "Quest" were finalists of the Internet film competition
  • Future Film Festival 2004, Bologna, Italy -
    "Quest" was in competition of "Future Web Festival" (films for the Internet)
  • Anti Film Fest 2004, Prague, Czech Republic -
    "Fisherman Plunk and His Wife" was in the competition
  • Imagimer 2005, Saint-Cast, Brittany, France -
    "Fisherman Plunk" was in the competition
  • Euroshort 2006, Warsaw, Poland -
    "Regoch" by Helena Bulaja was selected for "experimental film" category
  • Reel Women International Film Festival -
    "Regoch" by Helena Bulaja selected in shorts category
  • International Aarhus Festival of Independent Arts 2007, Aarhus, Denmark -
    "Regoch" by Helena Bulaja in program "d'Arte"
  • Imagining Ourselves Online Film Festival, San Francisco, USA -
    "Regoch" by Helena Bulaja in the competition


  • 11th Stuttgart Int. Festival of Animated Film, 2002 - project presentation
  • Krakow 2002, Int. Festival of Animated Film - project presentation & screening
  • Animafest 2002, Zagreb, Int. Festival of Animated Film - project presentation
  • Festival der Nationen 2003, Ebensee, Austria - project presentation & screening
  • Festival Pontes 2003, Krk, Croatia - project presentation & screening
  • Dust or Magic Conference 2003, Bologna book fair - project presentation
  • Festival EDIT-VES 2003, Frankfurt, Germany - project presentation as a part of the program "The Art of Storytelling in the Digital Age"
  • Festival DigitalExchangeCroatia - DECro01, Zagreb, 2003 - project presentation
  • Mountain Film Festival 2004, Trento, Italy - We were part of "18° Rassegna Internazionale dell’Editoria di Montagna 2004", an exhibition of mountain publications
  • "Dust or Magic" Conference 2004, Oxford, UK - project presentation
  • Festival CartoonClub 2004, Rimini, Italy - project presentation & screening
  • International Children's Festival 2005, Sibenik, Croatia -
    project presentation & multimedia exhibition
  • Festival Fiabesque 2005/2006, Peccioli, Italy -
    project presentation & screening of cartoons
  • CroatiaFest 2006, Seattle, USA - screening of cartoons
  • Interfilm 2007, Berlin -
    "Regoch" by Helena Bulaja in a special program that presented recent Croatian short film production
  • Magma Short Film Festival 2007, Rotorua, New Zealand -
    screening of "Stribor's Forest", "Quest" and "Regoch"